Marketing Services from ad:s

Uniquely designed for Betting & Casino Operators

Execute acquisition and retention activities in the most cost-efficient and successful way. That’s the philosophy behind our Marketing Services.

It’ll help you attract and keep more customers in the most efficient way possible, thanks to data, technology & AI that are unique in our industry.

Boost your customer base

Cut Acquisition Costs by up to 40%

Reduce Bonus Costs by up to 20%

Increase Retention Rate by up to 60%

Increase PLayer Activity by 8%

what you get

The most efficient way to attract and keep customers

Cut costs. Boost returns. Get more value from each player.

Leveraging the MTS ticket data feed, Marketing Services from ad:s gain uniquely deep regional and global market insights into the way punters behave. This data combined with our betting-focused marketing technology and deep-learning AI enables you to significantly increase your marketing efficiency in either or both areas: 

Programmatic Acquisition

Bring in new customers more efficiently and sustainably with our Programmatic Acquisition module. It’s built specifically for the betting industry and uses optimised and personalised prospecting and re-targeting.

AI Player

Predict your Player’s Lifetime Value (PLTV) within shortest time possible and identify potential VIP right from the start. Furthermore, know how to approach your players best and thus, stop them from churn utilising our AI deep learning engine. 

AI Sports Personalisation

Benefit from our personalised sports betting recommendation feature, which creates super personalised player messages in real-time to increase clicks and raise the stakes on AI recommended bets.

A service like no other

Turn our betting data and technology to your advantage

As industry-leaders, we have more data on regional and global markets and punter behaviour than anyone on the planet. And it’s all built into Marketing Services. With it, you can address your customers on a personal level. At the right time, in the right place with the right marketing activity.

Our service is proven to:

save you up to 40% in Costs per acquisition (CPA)*

give you 85+% accuracy on PLTV  prediction**

predictions after 2-3 days of player activity***

boost click-throughs on recommended bets by 2-4 times

encourage up to 3x higher stakes on AI-recommended bets

* compared to operator’s target index at 100; ** market average is 55%; *** 2-3 weeks with standard BI

Programmatic Acquisition

Grow your customer base. Cut your CPAs.

Bring on new customers more efficiently and sustainably with our Programmatic Acquisition module.

It’s built specifically for the betting industry, and uses optimised and personalised prospecting and re-targeting via our market-unique programmatic marketing platform.

So you’ll deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time, making your marketing more efficient and cutting your CPA.

Cut Acquisition Costs by up to 40%

Convert more with  less efforts

Get a larger loyal customer base

Boost Revenues and Profits

How we help you build your customer base more efficiently

AI Player Retention

Increase your Player’s Lifetime Value and reduce Churn

Our AI Player Retention module squeezes more out of your marketing and bonusing, with an AI deep learning engine that gives the fastest and most accurate Player Lifetime Value (PLTV) and Player Churn predictions in the market. All based on just 2-3 days of activity. Our algorithms detect potential future VIPs after only 7 days of activity, and recommend the best bonus for each player.

Get more for your marketing money

Boost value of your players

Stop Customers Churning

Make campaigns work truly effective

AI Sports Personalisation

Increase Player Activity and Retention by giving them what they want

Our Real-time Bet Personalisation engine creates hyper personalised recommendations to boost clicks, raise betting activity and increase operator profitability, by providing the most relevant bets to the user, suggesting new leagues and events the user may also be interested in, and increasing ACCA length due to users building bigger accumulators.
The Personalisation engine is fully configurable, providing recommendations pre-match & live, on sports, league, event & market level. It provides personalized as well as targeted recommendations in case a user id is not available. Plus, it provides bets most similar to be combined with other selected bets.

Increase turnover by up to 9%

Boost ACCA length by up to 26%
Grow expected value by up to >30%

Boost email campaign ROI

How we help you to improve customer loyalty

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