How partnering with Sportradar can future-proof your betting business

How bookmakers can benefit from third-party support to optimise day-to-day operations, while protecting their unique identity.

With sports betting – and the services, events and technologies that underpin it – continuing to drive expansion, operators face an inevitable squeeze on their resources unless they are able to secure significant investment. Many operators are looking to scale up whilst keeping costs low in order to satisfy anticipated levels of demand, which will only increase given the congested nature of the global sporting calendar in the coming months. Therefore, the opportunity to strike partnerships with third-party suppliers that can assume responsibility for key responsibilities has never been more important for ambitious betting companies.

This thought paper will explore the opportunities, challenges and concerns relating to partnerships in the betting industry, with a special focus on the field of trading and risk management, and will also look to the future to see how relationships between suppliers and operators will continue to evolve.

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What you will find inside

Irrefutable Benefits

Learn how to future-proof your business in an increasingly competitive market - with the help of external partnerships, while protecting your unique identity.

Tackling Concerns

Find out more about the most common misconceptions in B2B partnerships, especially in business-sensitive areas, and how they can be cleared up.

Vision for the Future

Get to know our vision of how future partnerships will further evolve and why they are vital for any company to be successful in the market.

Download our thought paper and find out more the evolution of partnerships in the B2B gambling industry and how a partnership with Sportradar can future-proof your betting business.