Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Managed Trading Services (MTS) is a service solution that enables bookmakers across the world to enhance their trading operations and risk management capabilities in a way that completely suits them, guaranteeing more sportsbook success. MTS is completely flexible, allowing operators to fully or partly outsource their trading to MTS whenever they want.


With Betradar's sophisticated trading and risk management tools, operators can leverage from our cutting-edge technology, which includes AI-derived pricing algorithms and machine-learning processes designed to increase the level of automation across operations. Furthermore, utilizing our trading tools, sportsbooks can create their own individual content (events and markets) and, using our odds-calculation models, compile odds for those events. MTS' risk management capabilties means bookmakers benefit from the most accurate player profiles and tournament/event ratings, backed by our innovation and expert sports traders, with the ability to adapt values to suit individual preferences where required.

Yes. MTS can be provided together with Sportradar's new omni-channel platform, which has been built with advanced proprietary-owned software. Our sports betting and iGaming platform provides a one-stop shop for businesses, with the ability to supply and license across markets worldwide utilising state-of-the-art, high performance technology. The platform can be uniquely set-up and fully customised to suit a range of different operators, enabling them to fully configure the system to suit their needs and existing processes. 

Yes. MTS also offers a sophisticated marketing service that focuses on customer aquisition, retention and reactivation as well as personal betting activation. As part of this service, we also can assist bookmakers with their sponsorship activities, finding the right partner to boost their brand awareness and customer activation.

MTS is by far the most flexible service available in the market. It allows bookmakers to configure every piece of the entire service (including trading, risk management, customer profiles, business models etc.) to their requirements and to immediately adapt them once these requirements change. MTS is fully agnostic and is the only service of its kind that can be integrated and leveraged without a platform. Our MTS team listen to client needs and can adjust to suit these in whatever way is requested.

Yes. MTS has the ability to provide every bookmaker, no matter what their size or what stage of the business life cycle they are at, with everything they need to develop and manage a successful sportsbook. This includes the key components necessary to a sportsbook, however, with the level of flexibility unlike anywhere in the market, MTS enables bookmakers to achieve their own unique business goals and differentiate from the market, whilst keeping full control of their operations. All solutions provided by MTS are based on individually agreed goals separate from any other to avoid potential conflicts.

Questions on Coverage and Services

With MTS, operators can receive the entire bandwidth of Betradar's product portfolio, from Data to Streaming, Virtual Sports, Esports, Premium Content (e.g. Premium Cricket) or Betting Stimulation tools and many more. Every package is specifically tailored to the operator's requirements and can be adapted at any time if requested.

Yes. MTS covers all sports that are available within the Betradar coverage. In addition, we are currently expanding the system in such a way that it can also manage sports that are not part of the actual Betradar coverage. This will enable operators to act even more flexibly and independently. For more information on the Betradar coverage, please check

Questions on Trading & Risk Management

For sure you can. Whether you just want to oversee and monitor what our traders are doing, or configure bits and pieces such as customer profiles and tournament ratings by yourself - the choice is with you.

Especially for bookmakers who are running their own in-house trading, we offer our Integrated Trading Solution (ITS). Thus, operators have the full control and visibility on their business, while utilizing the most advanced and flexible trading and risk management technology on the market and being supportet by our experts at any time.

Yes. With MTS' Integrated Trading Solution (ITS) bookmakers can continue to run their own trading operations alongside MTS' and thus work seamessly in a fully integrated ecosystem with MTS' trading team. This gives operators the ability to share the same market-leading tools and algorithms as MTS, whilst being able to communicate with MTS' expert traders to exchange knowledge and information, where required.

MTS' Selective Trading Solution (STS) supports bookmakers who are either facing bottlenecks when it comes their offering or low/negative cost-benefit ratios due to lack of expertise across certain sports they are struggling to cover. STS allows bookmakers to outsource their sports trading on these specific sports/leagues to MTS, allowing our expert traders to take care of them, utilising their bespoke betting and sporting expertise, together with our in-house tools and algorithms.

Yes. With MTS, we provide an industry-exclusive offer that ensures guaranteed return - this means we guarantee a return for each accepted ticket, even if it is a loss for you.

Questions on Support

Yes. Sportradar offers a 24/7/365 customer support service that has been ISO 9001:2015 certified since 2014, meaning we reach the highest quality management requirements.

Yes, Sportradar has dedicated team of MTS Operational Account Managers (OAM) who are providing trainings related MTS functionality in terms of operations and risk management. Moreover, Sportradar provides technical assistance while integration and do quality assurance. Furthermore, the OAM will provide support also at any point during the running operations.

Technical Questions

Our benchmark is 25ms on average. Within this time MTS sends a bet acceptance or rejection suggestion to the operator. On top of bet processing time, the operator needs to take into consideration, the time for internet round trip. Therefore, pre-match bets operator should expect a reply from MTS in no longer than 1 sec. In the case of live bets, MTS applies a live time delay of up to 15 seconds, which can be also individually configured by the operator himself.

In some cases, MTS will make the suggestion to reject a bet. As such, clients need to implement rejection message capabilities. The initial rejection messages from MTS contain technical and other data which may need to be omitted in the message to the end customer. It is therefore suggested that clients rephrase the rejection messages that come from MTS to suit their end customers.


When an Operator plans to use the Max Stake API from MTS - at the frontend a “Max Stake” option is required to enable a maximum stake return for a particular bet.


When an Operator plans to use the alternative odds functionality from MTS – the operator can add a radio button in the basket or similar control in the end customer profile configuration to enable the acceptance of odds changes occurring during the bet placement process


When an Operator plans to use bet re-offer for pre-match betting – at the frontend, the Operator may need to implement logic to allow end customers to confirm their alternative stake amount for particular bets in case the original stake amount is not accepted due to risk management or other limits.

To be able to use MTS, every operator has to integrate and certify our Unified Odds Feed (UOF). They also have to integrate their ticket data feed into MTS.

The MTS integration process is characterised by simplicity and conducted by our IT experts, utilizing straight forward mechanism. In average, it takes 8 weeks of integration (including the certification process). This applies provided that both the operator and any 3rd parties that might be involved (e.g. platform provider) provide sufficient capacities and work closely with us. It is strongly recommended to use for integration MTS Java or .Net SDK:


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