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Integrated Trading Solution (ITS) enables bookmakers to benefit from the whole spectrum of MTS’ features while running their own in-house operations and keeping the flexibility to differentiate from the market wherever and however they want. “Integrated Trading Solution” is unique in exploiting the synergies and economies of scale of Sportradar MTS operations whilst releasing full control and visibility to the operator.

Bookmakers can fully and seamlessly integrate their own trading operations alongside the MTS trading. Their trading teams can work on a fully flexible base, through the use of Ctrl and BetPal and access to the MTS trading console.

Key benefits of our Integrated Trading Solution

  • Increased turnover by leveraging MTS’ capabilities and pricing algorithms
  • Improved trading operations from working more effectively and efficiently
  • Increased sportsbook security through better risk management
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through maximised coverage, lower ticket rejection and granular player profiling

The concept behind ITS


Fully integrated technological and operational eco-system enables MTS bookmakers to fully leverage MTS’ scale and sophistication but retain complete control of their sportsbook and maintain and develop differentiation capabilities.


Bookmaker and MTS traders work together with the same processes and tools in a fully integrated and flexible manner.


Bookmakers enjoy the full MTS offer. Able to visualise and monitor in real time the service rendered by MTS, they can take control whenever desired and for whatever reason – for any event – and return it to ‘cruise control’, if desired.


Bookmakers can create their own offer, differentiate their position where it matters, and leveraging on MTS’ scale, where it does not.


Bookmakers can interact in real time and in a controlled manner with MTS traders to influence high quality and highly automated processes.


All ITS capabilities are delivered irrespective of whether bookmakers select either MTS’ Risk Sharing or Guaranteed Return business model.

MTS Integrated Trading Environment

*The integration of data from third parties requires the permission of these parties. This approval should form part of the negotiations between the operator and the data supplier.


How your traders benefit from

Operating in a fully integrated ecosystem provides your with traders several advantages, such as:

  • Process flow is uninterrupted and player profiling unique and homogeneous, delivering an improved betting experience
  • All real time algorithms operating on the platform, also on bespoke content
  • Full Fraud Detection Service (FDS) protection
  • Possibility to continuously optimise the deployment of an internal trading team on the most productive task (creation and trading of own bespoken content, marketing driven price setting, etc.) depending on the time of the season, campaign, and promotions planning
  • Possibility to customise algorithms, and in the future also to use own models
  • Consistent application of trading strategies


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